Children and fashion today! A la pointe?


Until the 1950s the term ‘‘teenager’’ was never used. Girls were referred to as children and boys were known as youths once they hit puberty. Today in the 21st century once boys and girls hit puberty, they’re considered teenagers at the age of 13. Back then, it’s not until you got married that you were considered an adult! So what’s changed now yo?! You’re probably thinking ; « Ok, Dunia… get to the point » Give me some time , I am!

So…Children and fashion today! The first face we will analyse is the beautiful young model Thylan Rose Bandeau. If we compare children of the 20th century and those of the 21st there’s a huge difference. One of the reasons why a lot of children today want and are looking so old is because of media portraying young children as upcoming big women and men. This doesn’t mean we don’t love Thylan! She has so much potential and is glowing in many of the high-end fashion brands at the moment but maybe if they took it a little easy on her?! That’d be lovely.

Take a look at the difference between the two outfits;

1950's swag


There’s a MAJOR  difference. You could say it’s only for advertisement that they’ve made Thylan dress like that but she’s still a child and will have a million kids look up to this image, wishing to look the same!

It is agreed that out of 100, 99 parents expect to see their kids look stylish. Everyone wants a stylish child. It’s just about being able to put the appropriate clothes on, we need to be able to see the innocence in the kid. As fashion for adults evolves, it also does for kids! Which is completely understandable. It seems like when you walk into a kids fashion store, many of their clothes look familiar to us young adults. Now, that’s a problem. Nobody wants to be looking like a four year old, nah nah nah!

Figures higher in authority or class are looked up to and seen as more superior, therefore more kids want to look like them. It takes a kid to see something once, to then nag the parent.  Imagine a 10 year old with full on makeup? Definitely not A La Pointe, it’s just not on! Non merci, keep it moving….


Could this be caused by peer pressure? Peer pressure is one of the reasons why younger people get influenced in fashion and end up wearing clothes they don’t feel comfortable in. This is what then causes them to look older than their age. The identity that comes out of most kids « swagg » doesn’t reflect their innocence. Parents or kids in this case? Who to blame? Sometimes it’s the children that are trying to  achieve a ‘look’ or ‘style’ worn by their peers, originating from what they have seen a celebrity wear. Believe it or not children know more than we do.

Look at Harper Beckham! We all know in about 10 years she will be one of the amazing faces in the fashion industry!  The two year old has her very own blog with updates of her latest outfits. Like wow, allo? How amazing is that. Now, this is just to show that media is one of the reasons why children today want to throw themselves way too early before their time! Not everyone can afford life like the Beckham’s yes? Kids think about daddy and mummy’s pocket.


Ok so what’s the point? We miss children who actually look cute with bubbles and ribbons in their hair. We want our innocent children back, obviously making sure they still look A la Pointe!

By Laetitia Dunia


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