Xmas is gone… roll on New Years!

Well well well.. So we are just leaving Christmas to now go into New Years and many people are stressing over outfits. Who wouldn’t want to go into new years in style? There are so many looks to be inspired from… Ladies can’t make up their mind with what hairstyle to do, we’ve gotta admit 2013 has been crazy! From the big chops, to the nappies, to relaxed hair, to brazilian weave wooh! If you’ve been very repetitive this year why not try something new! Give yourself the chance…

just cavalli

Solange Knowles has been classified amongst the best dressed of 2013, thanks to her class ‘Just Cavalli’ printed suit. She accompanied it with an amazing print clutch and black-and-white striped sandals to mix. Fro the « FRO » ladies out there why not give it a try!


We all know about Ms Knowles fabulous two-tone jumpsuit this year. Absolutely amazing! She never goes wrong. The split shoulders is what made the outfit unique, chic tailoring, high-wasited cut and not forgetting the slick middle part ponytail!


‘Big and beautiful’. As much as this look may not be for everyone, Adele was also amongst one of the best dressed in 2013. In her short Valentino dress. It was different for the public to see her in colour! She’s always wearing dark colours. NO TO DARK LADIES! If you’re gonna wear dark clothes, let your lips do the talking. A little red or purple lippy… that’ll do the job. She killed it with her voluminous, embroidered skirt with matchy-matchy floral pumps, defying all expectations.


Who said ladies couldn’t wear suits? Oh yes, I’m sure we can all admit Janelle Monae has taught us the « Ladies-in-a-suit » thingy! Absolutely stunning from the hair, to the makeup , to the outfits! Monchrome can be your thing to enter 2014… BUT, make sure you’re making it fun and bubbly ladies!


Now to finish off, we all know how MAC have made us happy with their different lipstick collection. From the actual MAC lippies to the who Riri lip! Many people always go for the red look because of santa clause and the whole bla.. Why not try different colours for your year 2014 ! Purple looks amazing on any sort of skin tone, give it a try…

We hope to see our ladies looking ‘A LA POINTE’ , the aim is to enter the year in style!

Laetitia DUNIA


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