Let’s talk about Michelle Williams…

Hello lovely people!

Earlier on this year, I wrote about Kelly Rowland and how it seems like everyone has forgotten about her! But there’s also Michelle Williams that people have forgotten about.

The singer has now thrown herself in the Gospel industry and seems to be doing very well for herself.

michelle-williams-300Michelle_Williams_-_The_Drama_League_(PNG)Seems like everyone is pointing out all the times Michelle was treated as a « side chick » whilst being a part of the girls band. That shouldn’t be shocking ! Every band has one member who gets a little less treatment than the others.



We cannot wait to see what Michelle has to offer in the Gospel scene. The artist has finally decided to collab with other musicians, ‘Holy Destiny’ we have here!

10155302_10153932157885478_3596098590595131906_nShe may not be seen as much but she’s doing her thing!

Laetitia Dunia 



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