The New Beard-Gang Trend

If you’re not a part of the beard gang, you are missing out apparently!

Today it seems like if you don’t have a beard, you’re not in style! It’s rare to walk around and see a man without a beard. From long, full or just on the chin it seems like every male wants a beard.

Ladies don’t seem to be helping either; it seems to be the preference right now. If your boyfriend has a full grown beard, you have a good one.

Alidor Gaspar said: “ I really feel useless, my beard won’t grow. It seems like girls are only attracted to those with a beard these days. A year ago I felt attractive”.

Alidor Gaspar is a young 25-year-old whose beard doesn’t seem to be growing. He’s tried putting different things on it but it just doesn’t seem to be growing as much as he wants it to.

There was an article on the Telegraph about why beards are so in fashion now, one of the points they mentioned is “the male beard communicates an heroic image the independent, sturdy, and resourceful pioneer, ready, willing and able to do manly things”.

Once you look at a man and he has a beard, you instantly get this manly feel from him. It makes them look grown and serious.

21-year-old beard freak Arody Ekofo said; “I have to treat my beard at least two times a week. I shampoo and condition it just a much as women shampoo and condition their hair”.

It’s crazy that guys are starting to compare taking care of a beard as much as taking care of the hair on your head! It is true that, a beard only looks good when it’s well treated. That means having a nice haircut to go with it. Nobody really wants to be looking at a man with a messy beard.

Jasmine Patel said; “I love a man with a beard. I stop my boyfriend from cutting his all the time”. Ladies are loving men with a beard but that doesn’t stop the men without one from looking good.

Social media also has a big impact to this latest ‘beard-gang’ trend. Females today get the latest makeup, hair or fashion tutorials on YouTube. Men also have their very own guru’s that help them with what products they should use to treat their beards. It’s getting serious!

It can be agreed that beards have been the latest trend this year, let’s see how long it lasts.

Laetitia Dunia 


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