Winter 2016…A few fashion ideas?

Did you realise that little ‘jeux de mots’ there! Right, it’s crazy how we go from hot, to medium hot, to not so hot and to cold! No pity whatsoever I’d say. I’ve had the best summer ever, couldn’t get enough of my maxi dresses, shorts and vest tops ! But the question is, what do I wear this winter? What look to go for?

If you’re used to reading my articles, you’ll know that I always somehow link my fashion articles to hair. It’s my rule. Your hair needs to fit your outfit. Right, so where do we start? Last year it was fur, leather jackets, jeans, and trainers… Boring much? If you need to switch up that leather jacket, make sure you do! Let’s get a little creative with our appearance this winter ladies and gents.

I really love the way some people make denim look ‘classy’. I love class. We’ve all heard of the oversized culottes, they’re so in at the moment I can’t even lie to you. I love the way some people just wear it right! You know when an outfit looks so right! So I’d recommend a touch of denim this winter, with the perfect coat to fit it. Myself, I’m really into oversized coats. The larger, the better. For those of you who love your street looks, you can still go for it. I don’t know about heels in the winter, but if you can hack it why not. A nice pair of heels to suit your street look and BAM.

pointement 1

Pixelformula Street Fashion Womenswear Winter 2014 - 2015 London

Another thing I’ve been into in the last couple months is garcon shoes. My goodness… It actually gets better day by day. I think I’ve purchased about six pairs in two months. They’re going to beat my heels collection soon I promise you.


Just because summer is over doesn’t mean we can’t rock our trendiest sunglasses. Save your best pair for your best outfit. To end, I want to emphasise that every lady needs to have a no collar shirt in their wardrobe! Please ladies. It’s so chic and gives the best tomboy look.


I look forward to seeing how a lot of us will look in the next month!

Laetitia Dunia


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