Pick your look

It is agreed that Afro-Caribbean women have the privilege to be versatile with their hairstyles. I know it feels like we’ve done it all and there’s nothing in the book for you to choose from. Looking around yes, there seems to be a lack of inspiration somehow. If not the weave, the naturals, if not the naturals the short hair cuts. But you can pick your look. Mix ‘n’ match, try and make something work before the end of the year.

braids 1


Sometime in 2012, braids made the biggest comeback ever. Doesn’t seem like it’s leaving anytime soon. Just when people thought they could only get long braids, today hairstylists are learning to make braids look more versatile. I remember once I saw a girl with braids cut in a bob. Amazed I was indeed. But let’s admit, 50 years ago it was the only hairstyle our mothers would do. Until weave came in…



Weave oh glorious weave! This is definitely another hairstyle that won’t die down anytime soon. Ladies, if you add up the amount of money that you’ve spent on weave can you agree that you could get yourself a mortgage? It’s actually bonkers how we can’t help but keep up with the latest trends. I know that before I cut my hair back in 2010, weave was my biggest addiction. I couldn’t stay away from it. I’m sure those of you who are not yet over that addiction can put your thumbs up.



My fave, my fave. Short hair. I’m actually struggling to switch it up, I’ve been a member of the short hair family for a good five years now. I’ve written so many previous articles on short hair, I don’t even know what I’ve said and haven’t said. JUST DO IT!

Laetitia Dunia


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