Laurène Nsiama, Miss Bas-Congo élue Miss Congo France 2015 !

La septième édition de #MissCongoFrance2015 Ce samedi 20 juin 2015 a eu  lieu la septième édition de Miss Congo France 2015 ; réunissant les deux pays voisins Congo Brazzaville et  Congo Kinshasa. Prestance, élégance & beauté étaient les mots d’ordre. C’est … Lire la suite

Afropéenne : Love, Family & Business


2015 and we did say that it’s about time young women stood up and started a legacy!
This is the time to get all you ambitious women together, ready to share ideas
and gain knowledge from the greatest women around.

So… before I go in depth! You haven’t heard or seen Dunia in a while. I’ve been
making sure I’m aiming to be that black woman with power, isn’t that what being
A la pointe is all about? One month left of my university life and everything will
be back to normal.

The other day, I attended my first professional photoshoot after a good two years!
Oh yes it felt absolutely amazing. With a touch of wax to my outfits, I felt like everything was lush! Nothing wrong with bringing the African touch to our outfits!


Back to the main point, we need you to attend this event. « You’re not born a woman, you become a woman » it’s all a working process.

Everybody seems loved up these days, does that mean more marriages? How do you handle the marriage life? How do you build a great family, balancing with your career? Can you balance both? It’s all a matter of coming and hearing what everyone has to say.

Get yourself together and make your way to Afropeene 2015!

Laetitia Dunia

AFROPEENNE 2 ; LOVE, FAMILY & BUSINESS ! Le rendez-vous des Femmes d’Influence de la capitale !

Après une première édition, instructive & fructueuse, A LA POINTE renouvelle cette expérience avec une seconde édition : AFROPEENE 2  Dimanche 5 mai 2015 au  50 rue richer 75009 Paris de 16h à 20h sous le thème de « Love, Family … Lire la suite